• Chassis Gross Vehicle Weight 18,000 Kg 15,000 Kg 12,000 Kg
  • Payload 6,500 Kg 4,500 Kg 3,200Kg
  • Truck height 3,897 m 3,837 m 3,692 m
  • Truck width 2,471 m 2,471 m 2,471 m
  • Truck length 9,305 m 8,555 m 7,445 m
  • Body length 7,300 m 6,500 m 5,460 m
  • Transmission ZF Astronic Auto
  • Shredder Shred-Tech Model ST-15H Shredder
  • Shredder Throughput 2,500 Kg/hr
  • Shred size 15.3 mm strip and tear


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Product Description

Mobile Document Shredder – MDS2-H Model – Shred-Tech patented shredder with Anti-Bridging Vibrating Shredder Hopper, Chassis Tuck under Side (Tail) Lift and Security Screen Doors on the shredding compartment, Keith Walking Floor for Unloading the Shredded Paper Storage Compartment, Flush Fit Rear Doors on the Shredded Paper Storage Compartment, Sauer Danfoss Control System with Full Diagnostics Capability, HMI and VDU for Cameras, Shredder and Storage Compartment Observation Cameras,  White painted body and cab (other colours are available as an option), Instruction and maintenance manuals and CE certificate of conformity,.

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