Designed by Jozef Beauprez Jo Beaus’ first wood chipper was launched in 1999.

During his career, evolving from die builder to entrepreneur, his philosophy has always been to design and distribute simple yet high-quality products.  Jozef likes excellence.  Slowly but surely is the motto.

After having completed his education as a die builder and accumulating a few years of experience, he set off as an independent businessman in 1988 to start repairing and selling gardening machines in Bruges.

In 1992, Jozef built his first universal catcher for mini tractors.

This heralds the beginning of a long series of original products, as there are: lawn aerators, levelling systems for single axle vehicles, dumpers for caterpillar vehicles, etc.

In 1999, the first Jo Beau® wood chipper was launched on the market.  It was mounted on a Walker ride-on mower.  Yet another an original product was created, for never before had such model been designed.

Since the wood chipper worked incredibly well, Jozef envisaged to create an autonomous model. So he decided to go back to his drawing board.

He started cutting, drilling and welding in his workshop and a little while later, the first M300 with 13 hp Honda gasoline engine was born.

The M300 was a success and smaller as well as larger models were built: the M200, the M400 and the M500.

Pulp was founded in 2004, beginning with one on-site shredding truck. The company has grown organically over the past 11 years and now offers an all-Ireland confidential shredding service with both on…”

Brian Young, Pulp Recycling