Restore Datashred Shredding Company

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New Truck On The Block


That’s how many 2.5mm paper particles there are in a 100kg secure bin-load of confidential waste paper… once it’s been through the multi-knived, brand new Shred-Tech MDX-3 mobile data shredding vehicle now available in Restore Datashred Shredding Company’s fleet.

And did we say that Restore Datashred has the first and only vehicle of its kind in the country?

It’s what you can expect from the UK’s leading data shredding company – an attention to their customers’ data protection, efficiency and reputation that’s second to none.

Increased data protection
In high security mode, the MDX-3 can shred 1600kg of paper per hour.

Given that there could be more than 630million particles, of random shapes, in the back of the truck by the end of such a shredding session, anyone looking to steal personal data would have to have exceptional levels of patience. With a 1 in 630million chance of finding a match for any of the shreds, they could be looking for some time.

This is great news for compliance with data protection regulations such as GDPR and, of course, a business’ reputation.

Improved efficiency
Using the MDX-3 is a win-win for the customer, Restore, and for the environment.

The high speed shredder means on-site collections are completed more rapidly, taking up less of the customers valuable time – especially if you want to check the whole process as confidential data moves from bin to blade.

A quicker processing time for your paper assets means the vehicle is idling for a shorter time, too, which lowers emissions and is less intrusive for work neighbours and colleagues.



Increased Throughput

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We have installed a Shred-Tech ST-300E Shredder, into an application to reduce Anionic and Nonionic Polyacrylamides in their raw form, for downstream further reduction in a granulator.

Prior to the addition of the ST-300E shredder, the plant was only capable of 5 to 6 TPH. With the introduction of the our shredder, it has doubled the processing capacity of the plant within the first week.

Paper Shredding Services

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Paper Shredding Services is the leading on and off-site document and electronic data shredding and recycling company in Scotland. A true Scottish company, who have delivered shredding and recycling services since the year 2000, and worked with hundreds of different business types, both large and small.

Using specialised shredding equipment, whether it’s for document shredding or hard drive shredding, Paper Shredding Services regularly review their requirements for shredding equipment to ensure they are operating at peak efficiency.

To add to their fleet and assist the business further, they recently purchased an MDS-3 18GT Mobile Document Shredder based on a DAF LF55 Chassis and fitted with the tried and tested ST-15H Shredder. Their decision was based on performance and reliability from their other Shred-Tech machines.

“We are delighted with our purchase and the truck is performing extremely well.  We also have a Shred Tech ST-35E static shredder which was installed in November 2016 at our Glasgow depot, and this machine has also been extremely reliable with throughputs up to 3000kgs/hour dependant on feed stock” commented Stewart Wilson, General Manager

Shred-Tech MDX-2 18H

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Thank you to Duxford Imperial War Museum in Cambridgeshire for allowing us the opportunity to use their facility to take pictures of our Demo Shred-Tech MDX-2 18H Mobile Document Shredder.

Imperial War Museum Duxford – full of activity, excitement and nostalgia with over six hectares of indoor and outdoor displays providing an unforgettable experience whatever the weather, Duxford is not to be missed.

Pioneering and inspiring aircraft from iconic Spitfires through to Concorde form part of a matchless collection of aviation and military history in the unique setting of a frontline Battle of Britain station

Thorntons Recycling (Ireland)

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Thorntons Recycling, founded in 1979 by Padraig and Carmel Thornton, is a privately owned Waste Management and Recycling business. Employing more than 400 staff, supplying customer services to over 60,000 Household customers and 4,000 Commercial customers in Dublin, Meath, Kildare and Wicklow.

The company operates a number of EPA licensed facilities and a number of permitted facilities in its main catchment areas.   The facilities focus on Recycling and Recovering as much of the material received and reducing the amount of waste sent to landfill.  This enables the company to offer its customers a premium value for money service.

Current operations include:

* Materials Recovery Facility at Killeen Road, Dublin 10 (EPA Licensed 250k tonnes per annum)

* Materials Recovery Facility at Dunboyne, Co Meath   (EPA Licensed for 50k tonnes per annum)

* Composting Facility at Kilmainhamwood, Co Meath (EPA Licensed for 40k tonnes per annum)

* Dry Mixed Recyclables Facility at Park West, Dublin 10 (Dublin City Council permit for 50,000 tonnes per annum

* Secure Confidential Shredding Facility at Parkwest, Dublin 10

The company holds ISO Certification for its Quality Management Systems (ISO 9001), Environmental Management Systems (ISO 14001) and Occupational Health and Safety Management Systems (OHSAS18001) and EN15713 accreditation for its Confidential Shredding facility

Thorntons Recycling had a Waste Recovery rate of 90% for 2016.

 When it comes to confidential shredding, Thorntons Recycling provide an on-site/off-site shredding service nationwide (all of Ireland), with EN15713 accreditation Levels 1-6.

With the addition of the Shred-Tech MDX2 mobile high security shredder, these levels can be achieved at the push of a button at any customers’ site, at any time.

Declan Kennedy, Secure Shredding Manager for Thorntons commented;

“We already had two shredding trucks from other competitors, but neither could match the criteria I needed for a varied market place. The Shred-Tech MDX2 truck had a system to shred to different levels on-site with the press of a button. The Office of Government Procurement had tendered for a nationwide contract which required different levels of shred size, also some business were requesting for a higher level of shredding. We can now cover all levels of shred size at the touch of a button.”

The MDX2GT is based on an 18 tonne DAF LF55 260HP chassis with a payload of up to 6000kgs. The ‘GT’ denotes that this model is a ‘bin tunnel’ machine that collects wheelie bins from 90 litres-360 litres direct from the ground via the ‘gripper tipper’, and deposits the material into an automated vibrating hopper. From here the material is fed to the angled ‘ST15’ shredder for ‘head first’ feeding, before then being further processed by the single shaft ‘X2’ high security shredder that produces a DIN Level P4 shred, or a EN15713 Shred No.6. From here the shredded material is compacted into the storage compartment with twin augers.

The whole operation is performed on the weatherproof control panel from the outside of the truck at ground level, where the operator can monitor the shredding process via cameras, adjust shred size at the push of a button, and also weigh and record material shredded. Unloading of the truck is taken care of by the Keith Walking Floor system. This can empty a payload of 6000kgs within 4-6mins.

Declan also commented;

“The operators are delighted with the MDX2 shredding speed and the lower noise level, which had become a big issue with other trucks. They also like the features of being able to control operations from the ground level control panel and also tailor the settings that allow the truck to automatically switch off once the material is shredded. These features not only help with safety, but also time spent on jobs is reduced, wear costs are reduced, and also fuel costs are reduced. Both operators were extremely happy with the intensive training provided by Global Recycling on the operation and maintenance of the shredding truck”



Rehab Recycle

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The Rehab Group is an independent international charity which works towards a world where every person has the opportunity to achieve their potential. We work in local communities to provide high-quality services and opportunities to people who need them.

Over 3,500 Rehab staff provides health and social care, training and education, rehabilitation, employment and commercial services in Ireland, England, Scotland, Wales, the Netherlands, Poland and Saudi Arabia. These services enhance the quality of people’s lives, by supporting people in fulfilling personal goals, in accessing new opportunities and in playing a more active role in their communities. Rehab enables people to make the most of their skills and talents, to take up employment or further education and to live more independent lives.

Rehab Recycle is the commercial division of the Rehab Group and one of Europe’s leading private sector employers of people with disabilities, across a range of business sectors. In the recycling sector, Rehab Recycle is one of Ireland’s largest post-consumer waste recyclers with a range of waste electrical and electronic recycling (WEEE), glass, plastic and paper recycling businesses. Rehab Recycle has seven facilities, five in Ireland and two in Scotland.

Global Recycling Solutions Ltd T/A Shred-Tech worked diligently to understand our every need during the design process. Global Recycling’s customer centred approach has allowed Rehab Recycle to design a solution that is seamlessly integrated with our existing system. The development of this solution was accomplished on time and within budget. Their after-sales support must also be complimented; we could not be happier with the product and service we have received.

The mobile shredding truck supplied was the Shred-Tech MDX-1GT, which is a bin tunnel model. Rehab were looking for a high security shredder at DIN Level P3, and this suited their needs perfectly. With an option to run the shredder in ‘standard’ shred mode at up to 3000kgs/hour, or at the push of a button with a 4 second changeover to run the shredder in ‘high security’ mode at up to 1100kgs/hour, the all-round versatility is unrivalled.

With Shred-Tech’s cutting edge technology, Rehab Recycle has been able to significantly increase efficiency within information security management operations. This has resulted in increased customer satisfaction levels and improved our competitiveness in the marketplace


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Cambridge, Ontario. — Aug 2nd 2016 — Shred-Tech Corp® is pleased to announce the acquisition of AXO Shredders. Established in 2000, AXO Shredders manufactures mobile, stationary shredders and recycling systems; with operations in the UK, USA and Thailand serving hundreds of customers.

“The combined Shred-Tech/AXO Group of Companies enhances our resources and organizational infrastructure in the high growth markets of the UK/Europe, Australasia, and Japan enabling us to provide superior service and support to our customers in those regions” commented Shred-Tech President and CEO, Rob Glass.

“The addition of AXO’s products in North America will help to round out Shred-Tech’s already substantive product offerings while Shred-Tech’s North American service infrastructure will ensure AXO’s customers, both past and present, are well supported with local parts availability and trained factory technicians” Glass stated.

“The entire AXO staff and I are excited to now be part of the Shred-Tech team and to be able to draw on greater technical resources to develop new products to better service customers in Asia and other emerging markets” commented AXO President Greg Corrigan.

“I would like to welcome Greg Corrigan and all of the AXO employees worldwide to the Shred-Tech team. Greg is a long term industry veteran and we are fortunate Greg will be staying on as head of our combined operations in Asia” commented Glass.

About AXO

AXO have built a reputation as one of the premier manufacturers of document shredding trucks and shredding and recycling systems. AXO designs and builds shredding systems to meet the needs of numerous industries and applications across the globe.

About Shred-Tech

Established in 1980 Shred-Tech® is a world leader in designing and manufacturing mobile and stationary shredding and recycling systems. Shred-Tech® has installed more than 3,500 shredding and recycling systems worldwide and is recognized globally for its commitment to engineering innovation and quality. Shred-Tech® is headquartered in Cambridge, Ontario Canada and has operations in Apex, NC USA as well as Distributors in the UK, Australia and Japan.