Hammel 750 Primary Shredder

Electric or Diesel, Stationary or Mobile. Will process

  • domestic waste
  • industrial/commercial waste
  • bulky waste
  • C&D (
  • paper
  • paper rolls
  • used tyres
  • aluminium profiles
  • wood waste/demolition wood (60 T/Hr)
  • pallets                                           (50 T/Hr)
  • mixed wood                                 (60 T/Hr)
  • cable drums                                 (40 T/Hr)
  • railway sleepers                          (25 T/Hr)
  • telephone poles                          (25 T/Hr)
  • root stems                                   (40 T/Hr)
  • green waste                                 (50 T/Hr)
  • Drive CAT C9 350 PS / 345 HP (Diesel) or 2 x 132 KW motors (Electric)
  • Shaft Length and Rotation speed Approx 1.750 mm 14 - 38 Rpm
  • Gearbox Max Torque 240.000 Nm - Manufactured by Bondioli & Pavesi
  • Weight 21.9 Mtns (Approx)
  • Control Intergrated mobile PLC , plain text error indicator, 3 pre-programmed shredding settings
  • Discharge Belt 1.400 mm width (approx). Max adjustable height of 4.3800 mm
  • Hopper consisting of Main and tilting hopper, Total volume approx 7 M3


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Product Description

The HAMMEL VB750 primary diesel and electric shredder models are capable of handling the most difficult materials – like waste wood, railway sleepers, root stems, green waste, industrial- and bulky waste, paper rolls, tyres and car bodies, etc. Its robust construction means the HAMMEL shredder is a very reliable volume reduction piece of equipment. Featuring a slow-speed 2-shaft-system with welded on (not screwed on) knives, the HAMMEL-shredder belongs to the extremely slow running shredder range, which gives it a huge number of advantages: high performance; very low noise; the minimum of dust generation; low wear and tear; durable long lasting shredding tools; no shredded projectiles; low fire hazard.

Help to tackle climate change and reduce our reliance on fossil fuels. with significant carbon and energy benefits. Turn woodwaste from expensive landfill into high value biomass. The VB750 produces 60 tons per hour with fraction size dependent on the machine set up. For a smaller fraction size run it alongside the high speed VB700 or VB1000.  The VB750 will handle: cable drums; railway sleepers; telephone poles; root stems; green waste and many other types of wood products.

Turn muck into brass. or more accurately MRF plastic residues into high calorific RDF – the Hammel VB750D  produces more than 16 tons per hour of this valuable fuel…that’s over 140 cubic meters per hour! The Hammel VB750 can handle: domestic waste; industrial/commercial waste; bulky waste; C&D; paper; paper and cardboard rolls; used tyres; and aluminium profiles.

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