Hammel 950 E or DK Primary Shredder

The powerful all-rounder – the RED GIANT – offers all amenities of the HAMMEL-primary shredder and meets any challenge. The VB 950 shreds effortlessly large-volume material in the field of metals and even processes complete car bodies.

Applications :

  • Wood: waste wood, demolition wood, root stems, green waste, railway sleeper, pallets, cable drums
  • Waste: domestic waste, C&I waste, bulky waste, demolition waste, tires
  • Metal: aluminum profiles and bales
  • Miscellaneous: paper, paper rolls
  • 950E Weight: 40T
  • 950DK Weight: 44T

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Product Description

Will process:-

  • wood waste/demolition wood (190 T/Hr)
  • pallets (170 T/Hr)
  • mixed wood (190 T/Hr)
  • cable drums (130 T/Hr)
  • railway sleepers (70 T/Hr)
  • telephone poles (70 T/Hr)
  • root stems (90 T/Hr)
  • green waste (120 T/Hr)

Functional principle:

  • special intertwining shafts
  • material is directly drawn in and shredded by the shafts
  • magnetic separation through an over belt magnet
  • high volume tilting hopper


  • high performance
  • low energy consumption
  • low noise emission
  • minimal dust formation
  • durable tools

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