MDX1 H Model

  • Gross Vehicle Weight 18,000 Kg
  • Length 8,520 mm
  • Width 2,500 mm
  • Height 3,780 mm 3,780 mm
  • Legal Payload Capacity, up to** 6,000 Kg
  • Shredder Shred-Tech Model ST-15H & Model X-1 High Security Shredders
  • Throughput 3,000 KGS/Hr Standard Mode 1,100 Kgs/Hr High Security Mode
  • Shred size 15.3 mm strip and tear in standard mode Din 3 shred size in high security


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Product Description

The patent pending MDX Mobile Shredding Units are revolutionary dual mode systems. They are able to be switched between
standard and high security modes at the touch of a button. When operating in standard mode the bulletproof ST-15H shredder
achieves up to 2,950 kg/hr of throughput. Activating the high security mode produces an incredibly small DIN certified shred
size while maintaining impressive throughput. Shred-Tech’s MDX line features the first high security Mobile Shredding Units which
do not rely on screens or moving additional shredders in and out of position. This makes these systems user friendly, reliable, easy
to service and cost effective.

MDX trucks come equipped with Shred-Tech’s twin-screw angled compactor design and durable moving floor unloading system.
Together, these features ensure maximum payload of up to 6,000 kg and rapid discharge of shredded materials in a few minutes,
equating to more time on-route shredding paper and generating

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