Stump Gun

  • Length: 5' 6"
  • Width: 3' 9-½"
  • Height: 2' 6"
  • Weight: 1,224 lbs.
  • Cutter Shaft Diameter 5-¼"
  • Cutter Depth: 22"


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Product Description

Versatility Comes Standard
The Stump Gun is powered by the skid-loader’s existing high-flow hydraulic system, which turns a 5-¼” diameter shaft outfitted with nine carbide teeth. The shaft spins at up to 2500 RPM, or about 41.6 feet per second, to grind away stumps of any size.
High Power With Low Maintenance
Bandit’s Stump gun delivers all the stump grinding power
demanded by professionals, without all the maintenance normally associated with stump grinders. In terms of regular maintenance, operators only have to worry about greasing the attachment and replacing worn teeth.
If you have a skid-steer loader,
you can have a stump grinder
Any skid-steer loader that accepts a universal quick attach plate
can have a powerful stump grinder. The Stump Gun mounts to the front of almost every make and model skid steer loader in seconds, and easily attaches to the auxillary hydraulic systems. Connecting the Stump Gun literally takes seconds.


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