Green Bandits into the Emerald Isle

Global Recycling Ltd

Written on 24th Dec 2014

Global Recycling are pleased to announce another Bandit delivery into Ireland via our Irish Representative, Graham Carroll.

The latest delivery saw a model 1390XP and 990XP being installed with Brendan Fox of Arbutus Tree Services who are based just outside of Donard in Co. Wicklow.

The 15 inch capacity 1390XP was built to Brendan’s exact specification, featuring a 140HP John Deere Engine, and a radio remote system for control of feed wheels and the famous Bandit hydraulic top lift. This allows Brendan to remotely control the chipper when crane feeding, or the system can be switched over to manual operation for when hand feeding the machine.

The 1390XP features a cavernous infeed opening of 16 inches by 20 inches, and with an oversize hopper, allows material to be pulled in and crushed with less trimming of limbs, also added to this, having one of the strongest set of feed wheel motors on the market, this chipper can ‘Pull for Ireland’ when processing whole trees.

At the heart of the machine is an oversize drum measuring in at a huge 37 inches. The drum is fitted with 4 dual edged knives at 90 degree intervals, and an oversize drum shaft and pillow block bearings take care of the loads that this drum encounters. As standard, Bandit put a ‘5 year guts warranty’ on the drum of all drum chippers due to the strength and build quality.

As with all Bandit drum chippers, the drum housing features a ‘power slot’ which allows air to be drawn into the housing , aiding with chip discharge through the fully adjustable discharge chute. Also the housing is fitted with adjustable vents that allow chip throwing distance to be increased or reduced, depending on what you’re chipping into. This means that you can effectively pack the back of a chip truck right to the back doors with minimal chip loss.

The smaller brother to the 1390XP is the 12 inch capacity 990XP.

Again, the 990XP is a drum chipper, but is fitted with a smaller 24 inch drum, but with exactly the same knife setup as the 1390XP.

Powering this model is an 85HP Kubota Engine, which is more than capable of processing 12 inch timber.

The infeed opening on this machine is 13 inches by 17 inches, also fitted with an oversize hopper which allows easy limb crushing and less trimming, and therefore speeds up the chipping process allowing you to carry out work more quickly and efficiently.

Both machines are ‘winch ready’ allowing fitment of a Bandit hydraulic winch that mounts to the top of the infeed hopper. This will give you up to 2 tonnes of pulling force when that section of tree can’t be reached by man or machine.

With oversized infeed hoppers, a large pulling force, and 4 knife drums, these machines quickly and efficiently process material with ease, allowing the operator to get the job done quicker, therefore allowing , more work to be done in a day, which in turn allows more invoices to be printed!

Bandit’s design and build quality will give you a chipper that will last many many years of service, no matter what you throw at it!

With over 15 Bandit machines already into Ireland since March 2014, the future’s not just bright, the future is BANDIT !!

For Irish enquiries please contact Graham Carrol on 086 322 9687, and for UK enquiries, please contact 01476 568384 Press Option 1 for Sales