ForestCo are delighted to announce the purchase of a New Bandit Beast 2680 Tracked Recycler.

The company which operates mainly in the Scottish border region took delivery of the machine over the Christmas period, and the machine was put straight to work converting woodland brash and scrub into Biomass material.

Gary Mitchell one of the ForestCo Company Directors explained: “We took the decision to go for a Bandit Beast as Global’s team demonstrated that the machine can shred their predominant source material to a defined product for biomass use.  The machine can also be set up to chip logs for a premium biomass product in under one hour. After trials with competing machinery it soon became obvious that when processing this type of material, the Bandit Beast is unrivalled. We were also impressed with the versatility of the Bandit Beast which can be used in so many different applications like processing round wood to biomass, land clearance including logs & branches, forest brash and stumps, processing green waste and recovered wood and many other applications. Global Recycling Solutions Limited have 12 fully trained mobile service technicians and a very sizeable store of spare parts and we had a high level of confidence that all servicing and breakdowns would be taken care of in good time. Indeed, this has been our experience with Global and our existing Bandit Beast 3680 Recycler. Onwards and upwards”

Peter Banks, Managing Director of Global Recycling Solutions Ltd commented: “The 2680 Track has a Volvo 768hp engine, which is capable of high-volume shredding and chipping in some of the UK’s hardest environments. This is being backed by a fleet of engineers based in different locations across the U.K. and a parts distribution centre based in the East Midlands of England. The brilliance of the Beast is in its versatility and the vast range of in-feed materials it can take, along with the wide range of useable end products. The Bandit Beast will make anything from a bio-mass dust to a gasification premium chip which ranges from a match stick size through to G30, G50, and up to G100, as well as being a top- class shredder and grinder. With a 36” opening, a variable in-feed speed, and a proportional feed system which will increase and decrease the infeed speed automatically dependant on engine load which keeps the engine operating at its optimal power/torque range and reduces the amount of infeed reversals, throughputs and end-product sizes are superb. Global Recycling Solutions are extremely happy that ForestCo made the decision to choose us as their preferred supplier and that the Bandit Beast is the right solution, and I’m sure it will lead to a long -term association and we are very happy to be now working with ForestCo”




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