Bandit’s Model ZT1844 is built to be the perfect solution for grinding stumps in tight and restricted areas not accessible by larger models.  The ZT can quickly track in, grind the stump with its capable 18″ cutter-wheel and track out.

The rubber track undercarriage is friendly to delicate lawns, but sturdy enough to track through rough fields to hard to reach stumps.

Powered by a standard 26.5hp Kohler engine, this unit has more than enough power to grind through your stump.  Upgrade your grinder to 38hp engine to add extra punch to this compact grinding monster!

Customers are purchasing this Grinder before even viewing one!  We can’t get them in stock fast enough to meet demand, and in the last week 5 units have already been delivered and the reaction is – they are a Beast of a Grinder.

Speak to our sales department today to secure your ZT ……

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