The STS-5 can handle a wide range of materials from e-waste, metals and wood to plastics, paper and cardboard.


Various rotor widths and motor powers to suit application

Various screen opening diameters to suit application

Wear resistant rotor and screen material
Bolted rotor knife holders for metal applications
Rotor cooling for low melt temperature materials

Horizontal ram with variable speed dependent upon motor current load
Ram equipped with angled, seratted face for positive grip
Gear reduced drive with matched “V” belts
Four-sided rotor knives made from tool steel can be rotated before replacement
Adjustable bed knives to maintain critical clearance
Hydraulically actuated cover for quick access to screen
Rubber vibration isolation foot pads
Wood pallets, offcuts
Plastic mouldings, purgings and film
Paper products and cardboard
Beverage containers, plastic and aluminum
Carpet and fabric

It does more so you can DO MORE!