Wood recyclers R Plevin & Sons Ltd have taken delivery of a new Hammel VB850DK slow speed shredder to further improve the current operation at their Elkesley depot in Nottinghamshire.   The decision was made following months of extensive trials at their Nottinghamshire site with various manufacturers’ machines.

The Hammel VB850DK was purchased as part of an on-going investment programme by Plevin following the company’s recent success in securing major contracts within the renewable energy sector. In September 2012, R. Plevin & Sons Ltd won an 18-month contract to export biomass timber to a renewable energy plant in Sweden. In 2011 the Company secured an exclusive contract to supply waste timber to the Blackburn Meadows biomass fired renewable energy plant near Sheffield, which is expected to become operational in mid-2014.  The company also have plans for a CHP plant at Elkesley which will use 22,000 tonnes of waste wood per year to create green heat and electricity, making them self-sufficient and further diverting material that would otherwise be sent to landfill.

Jamie Plevin, Managing Director commented that these contracts represent an extremely significant milestone in the growth of our company. Due to this fact and the heightened demand to keep their current customers contracts fulfilled the decision was taken to purchase the VB850DK to cope with the increased capacity.

Dean Ashton, Group Engineering Manager who oversees operations at all five depots and was instrumental in the selection of the new shredder commented, the decision was taken to purchase the new DK 850 Hammel because it allows us to process material at much higher volumes but more importantly helps reduce any impact on the environment. Hammel are a proven manufacturer who are long established in the recycling industry and also having Global close to our Elkesley depot was an important factor for support and servicing.

The shredder which is medium sized in the slow speed range is capable of producing up to 120t/h on waste wood and is currently producing 72 t/h to their fraction size. The Hammel ranges of slow-speed shredders are renowned for their simple operation, low maintenance & reliability, and the shredder can quickly be adapted to place into other waste fractions. Available as a tracked, hook-lift or electrical versions the shredder is very adaptable.



  • "Restore Datashred Shredding Company"

    New Truck On The Block


    That’s how many 2.5mm paper particles there are in a 100kg secure bin-load of confidential waste paper… once it’s been through the multi-knived, brand new Shred-Tech MDX-3 mobile data shredding vehicle now available in Restore Datashred Shredding Company’s fleet.

    And did we say that Restore Datashred has the first and only vehicle of its kind in the country?

    It’s what you can expect from the UK’s leading data shredding company – an attention to their customers’ data protection, efficiency and reputation that’s second to none.

    Increased data protection
    In high security mode, the MDX-3 can shred 1600kg of paper per hour.

    Given that there could be more than 630million particles, of random shapes, in the back of the truck by the end of such a shredding session, anyone looking to steal personal data would have to have exceptional levels of patience. With a 1 in 630million chance of finding a match for any of the shreds, they could be looking for some time.

    This is great news for compliance with data protection regulations such as GDPR and, of course, a business’ reputation.

    Improved efficiency
    Using the MDX-3 is a win-win for the customer, Restore, and for the environment.

    The high speed shredder means on-site collections are completed more rapidly, taking up less of the customers valuable time – especially if you want to check the whole process as confidential data moves from bin to blade.

    A quicker processing time for your paper assets means the vehicle is idling for a shorter time, too, which lowers emissions and is less intrusive for work neighbours and colleagues


  • "ForestCo Invest in Bandit"

    ForestCo are delighted to announce the purchase of a New Bandit Beast 2680 Tracked Recycler.

    The company which operates mainly in the Scottish border region took delivery of the machine over the Christmas period, and the machine was put straight to work converting woodland brash and scrub into Biomass material.

    Gary Mitchell one of the ForestCo Company Directors explained: “We took the decision to go for a Bandit Beast as Global’s team demonstrated that the machine can shred their predominant source material to a defined product for biomass use.  The machine can also be set up to chip logs for a premium biomass product in under one hour. After trials with competing machinery it soon became obvious that when processing this type of material, the Bandit Beast is unrivalled. We were also impressed with the versatility of the Bandit Beast which can be used in so many different applications like processing round wood to biomass, land clearance including logs & branches, forest brash and stumps, processing green waste and recovered wood and many other applications. Global Recycling Solutions Limited have 12 fully trained mobile service technicians and a very sizeable store of spare parts and we had a high level of confidence that all servicing and breakdowns would be taken care of in good time. Indeed, this has been our experience with Global and our existing Bandit Beast 3680 Recycler. Onwards and upwards”

    Peter Banks, Managing Director of Global Recycling Solutions Ltd commented: “The 2680 Track has a Volvo 768hp engine, which is capable of high-volume shredding and chipping in some of the UK’s hardest environments. This is being backed by a fleet of engineers based in different locations across the U.K. and a parts distribution centre based in the East Midlands of England. The brilliance of the Beast is in its versatility and the vast range of in-feed materials it can take, along with the wide range of useable end products. The Bandit Beast will make anything from a bio-mass dust to a gasification premium chip which ranges from a match stick size through to G30, G50, and up to G100, as well as being a top- class shredder and grinder. With a 36” opening, a variable in-feed speed, and a proportional feed system which will increase and decrease the infeed speed automatically dependant on engine load which keeps the engine operating at its optimal power/torque range and reduces the amount of infeed reversals, throughputs and end-product sizes are superb. Global Recycling Solutions are extremely happy that ForestCo made the decision to choose us as their preferred supplier and that the Bandit Beast is the right solution, and I’m sure it will lead to a long -term association and we are very happy to be now working with ForestCo”




  • "Bandit – thank you for 35 years!"

    As Bandit celebrates 35 years of continued success, why don’t you take a moment to learn about how Bandit Industries began, and how their founders’ commitment to quality and their customers shaped the way they do things to this very day!

    Bandit will remain committed to all their customers and the industries they serve, and can’t wait to see what the next 35 years will bring!

    Visit the Bandit Facebook page – https://www.facebook.com/BanditIndustries


  • "John Brookes Sawmills"

    John Brookes Sawmills have now taken delivery of their second Hammel VB950DK.

    This is the preferred primary shredder with a massive appetite running in at 710hp and 43tonnes.

    The shredder is used for the shredding of pallets and other waste wood and can process up to 170 tonnes per hour – if you can load it fast enough!

    John and Tom have run many shredders over the years, but said the decision to purchase the VB950DK was an easy decision as the productivity is as good as it gets.