Wood recyclers R Plevin & Sons Ltd have taken delivery of a new Hammel VB850DK slow speed shredder to further improve the current operation at their Elkesley depot in Nottinghamshire.   The decision was made following months of extensive trials at their Nottinghamshire site with various manufacturers’ machines.

The Hammel VB850DK was purchased as part of an on-going investment programme by Plevin following the company’s recent success in securing major contracts within the renewable energy sector. In September 2012, R. Plevin & Sons Ltd won an 18-month contract to export biomass timber to a renewable energy plant in Sweden. In 2011 the Company secured an exclusive contract to supply waste timber to the Blackburn Meadows biomass fired renewable energy plant near Sheffield, which is expected to become operational in mid-2014.  The company also have plans for a CHP plant at Elkesley which will use 22,000 tonnes of waste wood per year to create green heat and electricity, making them self-sufficient and further diverting material that would otherwise be sent to landfill.

Jamie Plevin, Managing Director commented that these contracts represent an extremely significant milestone in the growth of our company. Due to this fact and the heightened demand to keep their current customers contracts fulfilled the decision was taken to purchase the VB850DK to cope with the increased capacity.

Dean Ashton, Group Engineering Manager who oversees operations at all five depots and was instrumental in the selection of the new shredder commented, the decision was taken to purchase the new DK 850 Hammel because it allows us to process material at much higher volumes but more importantly helps reduce any impact on the environment. Hammel are a proven manufacturer who are long established in the recycling industry and also having Global close to our Elkesley depot was an important factor for support and servicing.

The shredder which is medium sized in the slow speed range is capable of producing up to 120t/h on waste wood and is currently producing 72 t/h to their fraction size. The Hammel ranges of slow-speed shredders are renowned for their simple operation, low maintenance & reliability, and the shredder can quickly be adapted to place into other waste fractions. Available as a tracked, hook-lift or electrical versions the shredder is very adaptable.



  • "John Brookes Sawmills"

    John Brookes Sawmills have now taken delivery of their second Hammel VB950DK.

    This is the preferred primary shredder with a massive appetite running in at 710hp and 43tonnes.

    The shredder is used for the shredding of pallets and other waste wood and can process up to 170 tonnes per hour – if you can load it fast enough!

    John and Tom have run many shredders over the years, but said the decision to purchase the VB950DK was an easy decision as the productivity is as good as it gets.



  • "Hartwood Treeworks"

    Simon Hart of Hartwood Treeworks has just taken delivery of his second Bandit stump grinder.

    The two machines work hand in hand, because one is a narrow access 29″ width machine and the second is a larger 45hp turbo 4WD grinder with full radio remote.

    Hartwood have been trading now for 15 years and are based in East Devon but cover all over the South West encompassing all aspects of tree surgery and site clearance.

    Recently the company has expanded with a stump grinding division also based in Devon, with this they will quite happily discreetly work alongside other tree surgeons.


  • "Elite Tree Services"

    Here’s something different – one of our chippers after a full refurbishment.   The customer wanted it the same as his Kawasaki motorbike – what you want you shall get!

    The picture was taken outside a local Kawasaki garage in Ireland, owned by Chris ‘Stalker’ Walker


  • "Forging Ahead"

    Our customer Forge Recycling are a family owned, fast growing Waste and Recycling company based in Leeds, West Yorkshire.

    Forge were looking to find a refuse collection vehicle manufacturer that would give them reliable operation, longevity of service and an affordable solution.  With the package Van Schijndel / Global Recycling Solutions provided, we met every criteria.

    When dealing in the trade waste sector it is essential that a vehicle can give maximum efficiency due to the competitive and fluctuating nature of the market.  In addition, downtime is not an option for operators, so the total package that Forge were offered was compelling for them – small operators like this do not receive such personal attention from the larger manufacturers and we can give that to them, no matter how small or large.

    The simple and elegant operation of the Van Schijndel VSA2 has given Forge the edge over their competition and we look forward to a long relationship with Harvey Mills and the team.”

    “Peter Banks, Managing Director commented – “We are thrilled to have Harvey and the team at Forge as new owners of the Van Schijndel VSA2 refuse vehicle.  This robust and extremely practical RCV is perfect for the private operator like Forge, where reliability, ease of operation and longevity of service are key to their success. To work with a company with the experience and ambition that Harvey Mills and the Forge team have is the perfect way to show off the VSA2 to a UK market hungry for a new face in this sector”


    - Peter Banks

  • "Game Changer"

    Pulp was founded in 2004, beginning with one on-site shredding truck. The company has grown organically over the past 11 years and now offers an all-Ireland confidential shredding service with both on-site and off-site options. They operate their own baling facility also. Recently, the company decided to purchase a new on-site shredding vehicle and chose the Shred Tech MDX-1 as their preferred model.

    General Manager, Brian Young, explains why:

    “The vast majority of our growth in the past 4 years had been in our off-site shredding service. This was partly due to the fact that customers were looking for the most cost effective method to have their secure data destroyed; partly due to the fact that we developed an innovative method of off-site shredding which guarantees absolute security. Also during this time, we had managed to increase efficiencies within our on-site shredding fleet so were not in a position to purchase a new on-site shredding vehicle for some time. However, we were always aware that our fleet would need updating at some stage, so we had kept ourselves informed of developments in the market place.

    I was very aware of the MDX-1 model through conversations with Global Recycling/Shred-Tech at NAID conferences etc., and I believed it to be a ‘game-changer’ in relation to the massively increased throughput as well as the ability to shred at EN15713 Level 6 at the click of a button. I had always asked other (mostly UK based) shredding operators what their experience was with this model and their feedback couldn’t have been more positive. Therefore, when we began seeing an increase in our on-site business, we knew the time was right to purchase a new vehicle.

    We did a lot of investigating to see what else was available, but in truth the next closest option was the MDS-2 also supplied by Shred-Tech.  However, we felt that the option to shred to Level 6 was too good to pass by. Therefore, we made the decision to place the order.

    I couldn’t compliment the Global Recycling/Shred-Tech team enough. They did everything to ensure the vehicle was delivered ahead of schedule and all aspects were taken care of. The timing couldn’t have been better as the paint had barely dried before we had it in operation! The team of operators we have using the truck are two of our most experienced and they can’t get over the speed and ease of use at which it operates. It has greatly increased the amount of work we can get through in one day.

    The future is extremely bright for us here in PULP now, as we are having conversations with existing and potential clients about our ability to shred to such a high standard. It has also given us some much needed capacity in our fleet, enabling preventative maintenance.  However, our sales team are busy filling it!”.

    - Brian Young, Pulp Recycling

  • "Arb-Core Treecare Ltd"

    We were approached for a demonstration with a Bandit 990xp  Wood Chipper with one question asked – “Will  it do conifer”?  This picture proves it, so much so the customer was delighted and the chipper was left on site.

    Arb-Core Treecare are a family run company and have grown steadily over the years bringing through the younger generations to join the team. They first purchased a Bandit 9″ chipper four years ago, but have decided to expand the business further by purchasing the 12″ drum chipper, together with the recent purchase of a 8 tonne excavator which will open up further avenues of work.


  • "Datarec AG"

    We have been considering entering the mobile data destruction market for some time and have had discussions with a number of suppliers, as it was felt by our company that we needed to investigate the suppliers fully.

    After careful consideration and due diligence, our preferred choice was to approach Shred-Tech and have a look at the MDX-1GT High Security mobile shredding unit.

    Datarec is a quality brand for service and commitment, and at the forefront of the recycling industry here in Switzerland we have many prestigious accounts.  We felt that the Shred-Tech MDX-1 would suit our needs and reflect our companies profile perfectly.

    We made an initial inquiry in August 2013 regarding the MDX-1GT and from Datarec’s point of view this research was very necessary (and we found John Giusso accommodating and very helpful).  We also wanted to meet the team behind our project and also bring our technicians over from Switzerland to view the production facility and also check that we would have confidence in Shred-Tech to deliver a unit to our exacting specifications.

    A visit was arranged and we met with the whole team.  Following on from these discussions and from meeting the people behind the build, we felt sure that all our work and diligence was worthwhile.

    Trials were organised for our larger bins, and we received a video and an assessment of the trial.  This also illustrated their commitment and helped give us the confidence that they were the best in the market. After this we placed an order for an MDX-1GT based on the Daf LF55 with the Euro 6 engine and Allison 3000 fully automatic gear box.

    The truck was delivered into our facility in Zurich after homologation on 3rd of June 2015. We are extremely pleased with our addition to the Datarec fleet. John Giusso spent two days training our dedicated team and accompanied the truck on its first day of operation

    The truck has fully justified our extensive and exhaustive research. The quality of the build the equipment and service we have received during this project has been first class. We at Datarec pride ourselves on our professionalism and quality of service to our customer base. We feel that the Shred-Tech MDX-1GT fits into our brand and gives us the ability to supply data destruction services that our clients want and expect to their high and exacting specifications.

    We at Datarec would like to put on record our sincere thanks to John and all the team at Shred-Tech for delivering this project to our exacting specifications, quality and commitment to detail.

    - Herr Markus Scheck

  • "King Tree Services"

    It’s all happening in Ireland – King Tree Services based in Co. Wicklow have recently taken delivery of another Bandit 990XP 12″ Capacity Wood Chipper.  This is the second Bandit Wood Chipping machine they have added to their fleet, along with a HB20 Stump Grinder.


  • "Cross Cut Treecare Specialists"

    We are delighted to have now delivered  a brand new Bandit 1590 Track Chipper  to Crosscut Tree Care Specialists based in Ireland.  Shane Kearns (owner) commented that reducing conifers by 30ft was a three day job with his old chipper, but with the Bandit 1590 track chipper, the job can be done in a day!!

    This chipper has a 20.5″x 19.75″ opening and is powered by a 173hp motor.

    The machine is fully radio remote control and is a fine example of Bandit’s quality machinery.

    - Shane Kearnes

  • "PF Lynch, Alfreton"

    A busy start to the week saw the delivery of our 12″ Bandit 990 Track to PF Lynch in Alfreton.

    John Lynch was in the market for a tracked chipper and decided to opt for our Bandit 990xp drum chipper. This particular model is fitted with two speed rubber tracks, radio remote control and winch kit.

    The chipper is off to Wales straight away to munch its way through a large pile of poplar.

    - John Lynch