Farmi have over five decades worth of experience in building efficient trailers, cranes and chippers for forestry management.  Forestry in general has evolved throughout the decades and an increasing amount of work is now being done in the city areas: park maintenance, green building, road side clearance etc.

So, Farmi started to rethink the essence of the forest trailer and set a question – why would you buy a forestry trailer when it is often used only partially throughout the year.  Investment cost is high and you still may need other trailers for several applications, ending up spending even more money.

During the years, Farmi also received feedback from customers that their work changes and there is a need to modify trailers afterwards.  By combining the latest design techniques and manufacturing processes. Farmi have built a new type of trailer structure which allows modification effortlessly afterwards.  But that’s not all, Farmi also wanted to offer a full application solution with all elements for efficient work.  That’s how CHAMELEON was born, and this has just been launched at INTERFORST in Munich this week.

So why not give us a call or drop us an email – Global are the UK distributor for Farmi and look forward to hearing from you.



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